Create a DIY Spa Day with Essential Oils (3 simple and quick recipes)

Why not do something non-traditional and special for this Mother’s Day? Pamper your mom or if you are a mum, then yourself, with these do-it-yourself very quick spa ideas 🙂 This is the day when [...]

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Evidence Based Methods of using Essential Oils to Lose Weight

In the war of Weight Loss there is no shortage of miracle cures. Frankly some of them are insulting to our intelligence. Some do manage to attain their goals, while others need to find a [...]

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Simple and Effective DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine's Day should be a day full of love and romance, but most of the time it turns into a hassle and a source of stress as you spend so much time and effort to [...]

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Essential Oils Safe for Pregnancy

For the most part using essential oils while you're pregnant is fine. So long as you yourself are healthy and you're careful. Always keep in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated extracts from plants [...]

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Lavender Essential Oil – The natural anxiety and depression cure

It's really hard to describe depression or anxiety. Often referred to feeling like a heavy coat that you can't shake off. I have, for a time, carried that coat myself. I know how it feels, [...]

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