4 Essential Oils Remedies that are safe for children

There are a few essential oils that are gentle enough to use with young children Most have to be mixed into a good carrier oil or put in a diffuser in a diluted form. In [...]

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Bug Bite Remedies

You accidentally left your insect repellant at home, and as the sun starts to set, you can already feel the critters crawling all over your skin. An evening under the stars can quickly leave you [...]

Summer Sun. The Great oven light in the sky.

And we are all soft fluffy buns at it's mercy! Don't deny it. It's summertime! Time to throw (most) caution out the window and go get soaked in sun! Catching the warm energy from our [...]

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Top Seven Essential Oils for Homemade Bug Spray

It’s finally summertime and the mosquitos are buzzing, ruining your perfect evening outdoors. Sure, you could keep pesky insects from biting by lathering yourself in a strong bug spray laden with harsh chemicals, but you’re [...]

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Essential Oils for Our Foster Care Journey

My husband and I jumped into the world of foster care almost a year ago, filling out stacks of paperwork and trusting perfect strangers with every intimate detail of our personal lives. Since that time, [...]

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