Essential Oils – A Means of Dealing With High Stress

Since we received our first foster care placement six months ago, my husband and I suddenly found ourselves in the midst of very high-stress environment that we didn’t anticipate. Not only does our lifestyle require [...]

Adaptive Essential Oils. Bringing Balance to Your Life

Essential oils are often Nature’s “adaptogens”. This is a wonderful word I learned while studying about homeopathic medicine, but it’s a word that applies to aromatherapy too. It means that the use of the substance, [...]

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How To Manage Stress and Anxiety Naturally

Essential oils are truly magical substances with many different uses and properties, but there are certain areas of healing where the efficacy of some of these oils puts them way above and beyond other [...]

Do Essential Oils actually work?

Short Answer? Yes. Long Answer? Absolutely yes. Okay but seriously? The reason why essential oils work are due to 2 main reasons. Essential Oils are teeny tiny. Essential Oils possess medicinal elements that effect us [...]

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