Simple and Effective DIY Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day should be a day […]

What are Essential Oils?

Essential Oils are Nature’s fragrant pharmacy, medicine from Mother Earth. They are gentle and compatible with the human body, entering and leaving the body with great efficiency, leaving no toxins behind; unlike chemical drugs which […]

Benefits of Essential Oil

Essential oils are very concentrated substances that come from nature. They are found in virtually every plant, although not every plant’s oil is found to be therapeutic. These highly aromatic substances start out […]

Mixing Essential Oils

There are two parts to the concept of mixing essential oils.

The first is the mixing of the oil in a good carrier oil to better disperse it on the skin […]

Bug Bite Remedies

You accidentally left your insect repellant at home, and as the sun starts to set, you can already feel the critters crawling all over your skin. An evening under the stars can quickly leave you […]

Essential Oils for Our Foster Care Journey

My husband and I jumped into the world of foster care almost a year ago, filling out stacks of paperwork and trusting perfect strangers with every intimate detail of our personal lives. […]

Essential Oils – A Means of Dealing With High Stress

Since we received our first foster care placement six months ago, my husband and I suddenly found ourselves in the midst of very high-stress environment that we didn’t anticipate. Not only does our lifestyle require […]