Create a DIY Spa Day with Essential Oils (3 simple and quick recipes)

Why not do something non-traditional and special for this Mother’s Day? Pamper your mom or if you are […]

Essential Oils Safe for Pregnancy

For the most part using essential oils while you’re pregnant is fine. So long as you yourself are healthy and you’re careful. Always keep in mind that essential oils are highly concentrated extracts from plants […]

Lavender Essential Oil – The natural anxiety and depression cure

It’s really hard to describe depression or anxiety. Often referred to feeling like a heavy coat that you can’t shake off. I have, for a time, carried that coat myself. I know how it feels, […]

Does Lavender really help you sleep better?

You wake up feeling tired. Again.

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Benefits of Essential Oil

Essential oils are very concentrated substances that come from nature. They are found in virtually every plant, although not every plant’s oil is found to be therapeutic. These highly aromatic substances start out […]

Bug Bite Remedies

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Essential Oils for Our Foster Care Journey

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Essential Oils – A Means of Dealing With High Stress

Since we received our first foster care placement six months ago, my husband and I suddenly found ourselves in the midst of very high-stress environment that we didn’t anticipate. Not only does our lifestyle require […]

How To Manage Stress and Anxiety Naturally

Essential oils are truly magical substances with many different uses and properties, but there are certain areas of healing where the efficacy of some of these oils puts them way above and beyond other […]