You wake up feeling tired. Again.

You wish you were feeling more rested, more alert. Dreading another day where the fog in your head will slow you down and you’ll need several cups of coffee to snap yourself out of it. Does this sound familiar? This was me. This is many of you. And in the near future, this will be many of us.

So you don’t want to reach out for sleeping pills. We’re fed so many chemicals in our lives already, why add more? Eventually you look around, do some research. Maybe you googled natural ways to sleep better (see what I did there? Google search term!). Now you’re here, asking the question.

“Does Lavender Essential Oil actually help you sleep better?”

The Good news is. Yes it does.

Yes it’s true! Lavender Essential Oil will help you sleep better and get more quality of sleep, even if not quantity. And we even have hard scientific evidence to back it up!

One of my favorite studies on this topic revolves around a clinical trial done on college students. It was a simple test. Two groups consisting of 79 students were given one of two pads. One group had a pad with lavender, and the other group had a control substance of basically nothing.

The test was monitored with Fitbits wristbands and some forms the students had to fill out every day for 5 days. Then afterwards there was a 2 week follow up.

Test results showed that the group using the Lavender pads significantly improved their sleep quality and they woke up feeling more refreshed, even though they did not necessarily have more quantity of sleep.

And it’s not just one case study!

But it’s not just one source. There are so many! Here’s another! And one more. I could link them all day. But I won’t. Because reading all these case studies is also an effective cure for mild insomnia. At least in my case.

So there you have it.

Lavender (namely Lavandula angustifolia) is a proven essential oil that:

  • Improves Sleep Quality
  • Helps you sleep earlier and with less difficulty
  • Helps remedy mild insomnia
  • Helps you feel more refreshed.

There are many things this wonderful oil can do. Today I just wanted to talk a little bit about how it can help us all get a little bit more, and better, shut eye.

But how do I use Lavender to achieve this?

Aroma / Ultrasonic Diffuser
Put in 1-2 drops in your ultrasonic diffuser, or as intense as you’d like (though more than 3 and you’ll get a thick fog of lavender).

You can apply 1-2 drops neat and massage it into your wrists, or on your chest, or anywhere else really!

Use a cotton ball or use the underside edges of your pillow
Try putting a drop or two of oil on a cotton ball and place it underneath your pillow and enjoy a pleasant descent into restful slumber.