There are a few essential oils that are gentle enough to use with young children

Most have to be mixed into a good carrier oil or put in a diffuser in a diluted form. In general of course good sense will win the day, and my motto is “if in doubt, don’t!!”. I could add to that “if in doubt, ask a professional”.

Having said that though, there is very little harm one can do to a child with lavender, which is the most gentle of oils and can be used neat (undiluted). I’ve cured everything on my daughter from the time she was a toddler, from cuts and scrapes and bruises to burns and sprains and mosquito bites. Just a drop of a good quality lavender will do the trick.

Once when my daughter was about four I was picking her up from the baby sitter and she fell down a flight of stone steps. I scooped her up and rushed her into the house screaming, the baby sitter worked on one scraped up knee while I worked on the other. She used something chemical from the drug store and I whipped out my trusty bottle of lavender.

A week later the knee I had worked on was completely healed, without even a scar, and the other leg was, well let’s just say, less than perfect. Although I am not a doctor and would not presume to prescribe, I have used so many wonderful oils and seen great results time and again.

For tummy aches

Peppermint and orange diluted in almond oil and massaged on the tummy works wonders on tummy ache.

For stuffy noses

A few drops of eucalyptus on a tissue by the bedside to get a good night’s sleep and clear up a stuffy nose.

Cooling a fever

tea tree oil is a wonderful anti bacterial as we all know, but it can also be used to cool a fever. Mix one drop of tea tree in a basin full of cold water and wring out a wash cloth (be careful to wring it out well so that the oil doesn’t drip into little eyes).

Soothing a Child

Chamomile is another excellent oil for children and can even be used on quite young babies for such things as fretfulness and teething.

There are many ways to use nature’s pharmacy to comfort and heal, and don’t underestimate even just a drop of orange or lemon on a tissue to cheer up your child when they’ve been crying.