It’s really hard to describe depression or anxiety. Often referred to feeling like a heavy coat that you can’t shake off. I have, for a time, carried that coat myself. I know how it feels, but still have a hard time describing it.

What I do now is how it effects us as a society. For years I reached out to the prescription drugs and endured. But I also didn’t want to continue taking these chemicals. Surely, there was another way?

And there is

I want to tell you about Lavender Essential Oil and how it naturally helps you fight anxiety and depression.

In June 2014 a study found that lavender oil based silexan was significantly effective in treating anxiety and depression. It’s just lavender oil with high concentrations of linalool and linalyl acetate, the main constituents of lavandula angustifolia. Even more effective then the prescription drug paroxetine.

Another wonderful study showed that nursing students who regularly used lavender and rosemary essential oil were able to perform significantly better in their tasks and studies. In this particular case, lavender helped remove their anxiety and stress, and rosemary helped them stay focused and retain knowledge. We will talk about Rosemary’s part in that study in another blog post, for now lets stay on Lavender.

There are many other studies, but i’m not going to link them all here as it would take up far more space than I would want to.

It’s proven that Lavender oil is an effective treatment against depression and anxiety when used consistently and regularly. It is also a far cheaper and more natural alternative to prescription drugs.

So how does it work? How can we use lavender to help us fight against this terrible monster we call depression and anxiety?

It’s so simple anyone can do it. The important thing to note here is consistency! You should do one or more of these steps every day for 10-14 days before you start to feel the improvements.

There are 3 ways to effectively combat Anxiety and depression here.

  • You can put a drop or two of Lavender neat under your nose or behind the neck or under the chin closer to the ear. 
  • Simply open the bottle of Lavender and take a nice deep breath. Repeat as necessary but pace yourself, as it may take up to 20 minutes for the lavender to work at full capacity.
  • Add a drop or two of Lavender and a drop or two of Rosemary into your ultrasonic diffuser.