And we are all soft fluffy buns at it’s mercy! Don’t deny it.

It’s summertime!

Time to throw (most) caution out the window and go get soaked in sun! Catching the warm energy from our sun boosts our mood and lets you create our own vitamin D which is important for your bodies overall well being.

But once in a while I throw too much caution into the wind and soak up too much of that glorious sun 🙁. And then I end up with a yucky sunburn with days of itchy and flakey skin after! I’m sure you’ve gone through it… and if you’ve gone through it with friends who like to give you a gentle slap to congratulate you on a job well done out there, it gets a bit worse.

The skin is a sensitive organ, and once it’s damaged this way there are few ways to heal it. You could buy the chemical heavy products out there and spray it on, but why damage your body and the earth when you can use perfectly natural solutions given to us by nature herself?

One such way is using the ever gentle Lavender Essential Oil!

Lavender has amazing skin healing qualities and helps moisturize and heal sunburn damaged skin. It’s extra effective when used in a carrier oil rich in vitamin E like vegetable oils. A personal favorite of mine is sunflower oil. I do admit it gives off a bit of a smell though. Alternatively you could use Aloe Vera Gel or Oil, which is a crowd favorite for it’s cool refreshing feel and rich vitamin E.

Here’s a quick recipe to try:

Create a 2-5% dilution blend with a very skin nourishing carrier oil like sunflower, olive, avocado, or jojoba and rub over the burnt areas. Feel free to add aloe vera gel afterwards for some extra soothing healing action.

Don’t know how to make a dilution blend on your own? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! I’ll even provide you with a dilution calculator to make it as easy as possible! Click the link below and head down to the bottom of that page.

So be careful out there… and if you forget and your skin reminds you later, reach out to that bottle of lavender and make the ouch go away.